Enterprise Introduction

Shenzhen Heyun Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, the largest Silicon Valley city in China. The company is a high-tech enterprise based on electronic circuit and system development and design, integrating research and development, production, sales, and service. With professional and exquisite technical support, the company provides customers with software and hardware research and development, design, production and processing, and after-sales services for consumer and commercial interactive display related products in a short period of time, becoming the preferred partner for many merchants to cooperate.

The product is widely used in fields such as commerce, education, office, healthcare, security, and smart city construction.

Since 2001, the company team has relied on many years of industry technology development strength and rich experience, and through continuous technological innovation, has a high-energy ecological chain of software design, system analysis, hardware development, and mass production. With the theme of science and technology beautifying life, the company has made science and technology life, and life science and technology, to meet the needs of customers for product differentiation in the continuous development and change of science and technology.

The products cover: touch education conference all-in-one machines, advertising display signs, AC/DC charging stations, naked eye 3D LCD screens, AED medical emergency equipment, new retail unmanned vending machines, seamless splicing screens, smart street lights, bright 5G smart advertising display screens, 5G smart base stations, rotating electronic screen road guidance signs, Internet of Vehicles electronic devices, Internet of Things smart home products, and have achieved multiple scientific research patent achievements.

The company always adheres to the corporate philosophy of "efficient, professional, high-quality innovation", advocates the combination of art and technology, theory and practice, adheres to the management philosophy of product specialization and meticulousness, and has a fast and efficient style to fully meet the personalized needs of customers; Put customer service and support equally important; Provide a series of services including design, implementation, consulting, training, and more.

Shenzhen Heyun Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. - showcasing the beauty of technology! Looking forward to working together with you for a win-win cooperation

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